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Nawarata Omry

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Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 40”
Jan 2018


‘Nawarata Omry’, an Arabic Calligraphy painting, is a special request from my brother that I recently finished and was happy in completing
نَّوارة عُمري، مروحَتي، قنديلي، فوحَ بساتيني... مُدّي لي جسراً من رائحةِ الليمونِ، وضعيني مشطاً عاجياً في عُتمةِ شَعركِ... وإنسيني- ‏نزار قباني.
Light of my life, my fan, my lantern, my vineyard... build me a bridge from the scent of lemons, and place me like an ivory comb, in the darkness of your hair... and forget me - Nizar Qabbani