Kufaishi Art

Kufaishi Art is a daughter-father art initiative that has started in the heart of their home in May of 2017. Marwa Tawfiq and her father Raied Al-kufaishi have started this project over the past few years with specializing in making fine art and custom art productions using ceramics and acrylic paintings. With their Iraqi background and their Canadian culture, they have developed an identity to their art that mixes between Eastern and Western styles.  

They produce special orders and custom commissions for ceramic art and acrylic paintings. Reach out and contact the team for further details about commissions and quotations.  


Marwa Tawfiq Al-kufaishi

With Marwa’s Iraqi-Canadian background, and her passion for art and architecture, she approaches her work in aims of merging both her identities and her interests into artistic productions. She has found it intriguing to combine both Western and Eastern cultures through the use of traditional forms and vibrant abstract geometries. Marwa’s design approach is to find a balance between the two cultures and communicate a subject matter using an artistic architectural approach.

Through her M.Arch degree, it has helped progress her design thinking skills by taking on more critical design methods. Marwa’s passion for architecture is translated through her paintings and communicates forward both her cultures. Her art aim to tell stories about her merged identities.



Raied Al-kufaishi

Raied’s interest for ceramics and art has nourished since his early years in Baghdad, Iraq. He has been producing abstract and cultural pieces for over 30 years. Raied’s passion for ceramics has remained and continues to grow, with his ongoing production of artistic pieces that reflect his Iraqi and Arabic heritage. His art reflects his deep rooting in his culture and aims to use it as a method of communication to his viewers. In his recent years, he has taken on a more contemporary design method of production, with his exploration in vibrant colours and more abstract forms, in aims of expanding his design skills. By doing so, he has formulated a distinct style of ceramic production that is infused with both the Arabic culture and modern artistic style.